July 8, 2010

Last Shadow Puppets

The Last Shadow Puppets - My Mistakes Were Made For You

Imagine a world were music is a sort of recipe that combines the best ingredients from the past…a sort of amalgamation of beautiful melodies, textured guitars and killer intelligent hooks that could only be reverberating from the stereos of 1960’s convertibles.

Now take this imaginary world and make it a reality.  The Last Shadow Puppets consist of two main members, one of them being the lead man from the Arctic Monkeys.  The Zombiesque (Colin Blunstone Zombies, not “Night of the Living Dead” zombies) croon of Alex Turner paired with some of the smoothest musicianship this side of a James Bond film has been played with constant pride on my ipod.  

Anyone who enjoyed the 60’s might shrug off this song as too similar to everything else they heard growing up.  Truth is…this track is good enough to accept that compliment.  

Play this one at volumes only acceptable while increasing speeds down the canyon in order to catch that Russian Spy in the car ahead of you…

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